Criminal Law Explained by Cordts Law Firm, PLLC

Criminal Law in Memphis Explained by Memphis, TN Attorney Bradley Cordts


By Bradley Cordts

Hi, my name is Bradley Cordts and I’m an attorney in Memphis, TN and I would like to talk to a little bit today about criminal practice in Shelby County, TN. We do a robust criminal practice in our office. We have clients at all levels in the courts in the system here. We represent clients at the City Courts in all the major suburban cities as well as the City of Memphis. We represent individuals at the county level, which is the General Sessions Criminal Court as well as the state level which is Circuit Court of Criminal Court. In Shelby County, we actually have separate courts called Criminal Courts that are on par or equal to Circuit Courts in other jurisdictions. We also travel throughout Tennessee; we also have an on staff attorney for Mississippi criminal cases as well. In criminal law, it’s very important that you seek an attorney if you’ve ever been charged. It’s also good to assert your Fifth Amendment rights and not make any statements and come see the attorney. You have attorney-client privilege to tell us what happened, tell us about the event and that information is protected under the U.S. Constitution. It’s generally not advised to immediately begin talking to the police when they come to your house to talk to you about what may seem like somewhat innocent circumstances. We recommend that you see an attorney always if you’re being investigated for any reason.

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